Free printable geometric stencils and templates

Geometric Stencil

Stencils of Geometric Shapes are the basis for the study of geometry and a great opportunity to introduce a child to the variety of shapes. In this section, templates are presented both for ordinary geometric shapes, such as a triangle, square, rhombus, and figures of animals, houses and cars made from them. There are very simple designs, assembled from several figures, and there are complex compositions, from figures of different shapes and sizes. These stencils are suitable for children of different ages. With their help, you can create an original picture, applique or postcard.

Free printable geometric stencils and templates

The presented Geometric Shapes stencils can be downloaded or printed for free. They are suitable for cutting paper or other material such as felt or any thick fabric. Let your child choose the drawing they like and create their own unique masterpiece.

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