Decorative stencils

The attention of everyone who dreams of comfort and loves original design will sooner or later turn to stencils and templates for decor. They will help to make the house unlike any other, breathe life into it, give it individuality. We tried to collect for you an excellent collection of Stencils for decor, which can be downloaded or printed for free.

Free printable Decorative stencils and templates


Using the presented collection of paper cutting templates, you can decorate the walls, ceiling, door leaf, window or some of the pieces of furniture. There are many options. For example, you can cut out the stencil you like and transfer it to the selected surface using paint. And you can print on textured paper, and then stick it on, creating a volumetric applique. Use the stencil as an embroidery pattern and decorate your sofa cushions or tea towels. From the templates provided, you can create entire compositions or use them one by one. By the way, small stencils will be an excellent decoration for gifts, which can be used to decorate them in the same style. You can download or print Stencils for decor for free on our website.

Written by Super Stencil